I have been absent from this little corner of my world for about a month now - December got hectic, involved a family holiday, a kidney stone and a stomach ulcer, but some wonderful times with some family I hadn't seen for 14 years! Today I ease back in with the picture from my phone that have been inspiring me and making me giggle a little. I bring to you, the beginning of 2015:
This year, in my 27th (eek) year, I have decided to not so much set resolutions as just change parts of my life as and when I feel they need to be changed, and to practice gratefulness everyday. This is something that I got quite good at, and still practice, but need to be more mindful of day to day. I do believe a grateful heart is the best way to attract good towards yourself, and just feels so much better than negativity - so that is my major "resolution" if you will.
I am also on a bit of a health kick - as mentioned above, I got pretty ill at the end of last year, so I've decided it's about time I look after myself a little better. Nothing drastic - there is not huge amounts wrong with what I currently do, but things like drinking more water, not having sugar in every single thing, and getting more active, are the things I will be aiming towards. Plus there's a lovely yoga class at work every Monday that I really should make time for :).
Those are really the main things - I think it's about time I stopped worrying about where my life is going, do my best, and just let it carry me along.
Here's to not worrying.
Lots of love,
Ani x