Jermyn Street
Nail of the day!

Apart from my incredible booksmarts =p and PR credentials (we shall discuss this later), I am a true girly girly girl, with looooooong talons that I ensure are always meticulously upkept. My job involves PR and creative writing at a Medical Spa (Botox, fillers, chemical peels, colonics, orthodontics, teeth whitening, laser liposuction etc! – girls ask if you want details, I am ridiculously well-versed in all body and facial aesthetics, so feel free to ask), and is partly why I started this blog. 

I am often front-of-house, and as such, ensure that I am immaculately turned out at all times. I take pride in my appearance, and never leave the house without a full face of make up, coiffed hair, and – my pride and joy – beautiful nails. Generally, I give myself a mini manicure once or twice a week, and always always have my nails painted. 

Today, I have decided on a Nails Inc colour (my faaaaave, along with Essie, which I have just discovered) – Jermyn Street, a taupe/mushroomy colour, with what seems to be a hint of purple or lavender to it. The colour is lovely and flattering, and cleverly disguises my just-cut nails (I HATE when I have to cut my fingernails. evidence in above pic YUK). My go-to base and top coats are ALWAYS ALWAYS my Nails Inc Caviar Base and Top Coats (which also go by the name of Kensington). These are touch dry in about 15 seconds, properly dry in about half an hour to an hour (much faster than most, especially Jessica – eurgh!) the base coat is a treatment base coat (useful as I have found my nails breaking of late due to being rather ill, so I can vouch for the fact that it really nourishes your nails back to full strength, and as such, have had to buy a new one!), and the top coat is incredibly glossy and hard-wearing.

Nails Inc Jermyn Street