I know it's been a while, but I burnt out somewhat after a very busy final week of dissertation!  Handed it in with time to spare and now I am having a little look for internships and starting a little tutoring job on the weekends!  I thought I'd do a little "currently" series for the remainder of this week, and today I'll start with the "currently" of skincare.  Normally my skincare routine is pretty complicated, but tiredness has forced me to rethink, and I am using the bare minimum at the moment, all of which I am finding ridiculously effective on my skin.
First up, after cleansing I smooth on one pump of the Idealia Pro from Vichy.  I have to tell you, this stuff is uh-may-zing and as such I am uhhhhb-sessed with ensuring I use it.  It has, in around 2 weeks, managed to really tone down a lot of my scarring, and even the skin tone to such an extent that I am now getting away with using much less foundation.  The second is the Superdrug own brand Simply Pure Oil Balancing Serum - I've heard excellent things about this range, and when I saw it on offer for half price, I just had to pick it up.  I wasn't expecting a whole lot (sometimes I can be an own-brand snob), but the product is beautiful.  It is a gel-cream kind of consistency, and one or two pumps is enough for the whole face.  It softens the skin, and helps to mattify, in a natural way.  Lastly, and this is only really used on make-up days, the Stila One Step Correct Skin Tone Correcting Brightening Serum (what a mouthful) is  my secret weapon.  It is a beautiful-looking product, and acts to help even out the skin tone - I will do a full review soon, and give you an insight into what it does.  
This is my pared-down skincare routine, and I hope it gives you an insight into some new products!  I shall do more full-length reviews soooon, but for now, I hope you enjoyed post 1 of my "currentlys"!
Love A.x