Hola Munchkins!
Today I was having a conversation (and not just today, trust me this conversation is one of the sticking points of my life) about the decline of beauty pages in magazines.  Now, I am a complete beauty addict - I generally flick through a magazine until I get to the beauty pages, read about all the beautiful skincare and cosmetics thoroughly, before going back to read the rest of the magazine.  Now, I was first clued into the decline in the amount of pages beauty is covered on in Vogue around 4 months ago.  Now Vogue is a visually stunning magazine, I enjoyed their beauty pages because they seemed to work hard on them, so much that they melded into the bulk of the magazine seamlessly, with that signature Vogue style.  So imagine my surprise when there were literally only a handful of beauty pages!  What has happened to our beauty pages?!  Slowly but surely, beauty seems to be turning into a web-based world, which is perfectly lovely, I am part of that web, and evolution is inevitable, but there is a little bit of glamour, a little bit of tangibility that comes from the beauty pages of magazines that makes the beauty experience so unique.
Love A.x