Hola Munchkins!
Welcome to the first Sunday's Snaps of 2014!
This is more than a Sunday's Snaps post, this is actually more of a December/ January Snaps kinda post, featuring my festive adventures and my wonderful holiday!  Hope you enjoy!
The most relaxed week of my entire being!  The Maldives is stunning, relaxing and a wonderful place for a short break =)
Now this is where my heart lies - in Sri Lanka with my maternal family.  Beautiful country, wonderful food, and most importantly, my wonderful family.  As you can see (bottom right) my tiny, tiny niece was born 5 days before we arrived, my little nephew, eating the crisps up there - utterly naughty but ridiculously funny, and in the bottom left, myself, my Australian cousin and a little of my sisters face!  Holidays like this remind one how important family is, and how much fun they are - now that I'm home, my house feels too quiet and the weather too cold: I need the noise of millions of cousins and aunties and uncles and nieces and nephews! So this post is dedicated to them =).
Love Ani x