Hola Munchkins!
I'm sure I am not the only one who's skin is constantly playing up due to the weather.  Up until now I have had well-behaved skin for approximately the last 3 months - I had the luxury of a whole lot of Vitamin D thanks to my holiday and that always helps.  But back to reality with a bang and the last 2 weeks my skin has progressively turned from having eczema to just being troublesome.  So I've rediscovered some old faves and brought out the big guns.  Enter my troublesome skin heroes:
First of all, it appears I have remembered my wonderful Clarisonic: it always happens that it runs out of charge and I forget about it, or that my skin behaves and I don't think I need it.  But guess what - I do!  Just one use and I saw my skin just glowing like it hasn't since my holiday - soft and smooth and just brilliant.  I'm currently using it with the Adrien Arpel Papaya Enzyme Cleanser that I picked up in Sri Lanka.  It is a wonderful cleanser - has a slightly clinical smell that reminds me of the aesthetic clinic I used to work at, and a watery texture that turns into foam as you pump.  I definitely feel the chemical exfoliation of the papaya enzyme - it leaves my skin so soft and smooth and is even suitable for use on the eye area.  Now, to a product I haven't needed to use for a while, but one that never fails me - La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo.  This stuff is my go-to for when my skin plays up.  In all honesty I am pining for the new Effaclar Duo+, but one must finish up what one has before buying!  But the Duo is quite the brilliant little tube for treating skin when problematic. I find it to soothe and treat the skin fairly quickly, and due to my oily skin it provides enough moisture to use as a moisturiser.  For those times where I feel more moisture is needed - aka the winter - I use the Kiko Purifying Fluid.  Kiko is one of those brands I have loved for years - I have both make up and skincare from them, and they never seem to disappoint.  The purifying fluid is a light fluid as the name suggests, that moisturises without adding excess oil, and acts to help control oil production, which is perfect for my skin.
I hope you like my little edit of troublesome skincare products.
Much love,
Ani x