In make up terms, nothing gives me more instant gratification than those days when I pull of a master contour. The true story is that I do contour every day – I love it beyond words – with a variety of different products from fairly subtle (I don’t go too subtle) to full on how’s your father, in your face type contouring. Now, every day I do a fair job of the contour game – but every so often, maybe once a week, it just looks spot-on. The mix of products, a little patience, and a beautiful brush all come together, and all the planets align in order to gimme those cheekbones I so covet!

The products.

Topshop Cream Contour in Swerve
I love this. To be honest, I love Topshop make-up: such beautiful quality at lovely prices that include a student discount. Truth be told, I wanted both colours of this contour cream, but the second was out of stock – but never fear, that will also be mine. A little swirl of this cream, and a direct brush-tip application right under the cheekbone never fails me. Blend up for subtle or add more for pow, and you’re contour base is done.

Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder in Medium
My second of these. That’s love right there. Just a wonderfully soft, grey-toned powder that can be built up right from the softest of a shadow-kiss, up to the harsh drag-style lines that I can’t pretend I don’t favour sometimes! An investment, but one that lasted me around 2 years the first time.

Make Up Revolution Eyeshadow in Delicious
This is the one I turn to for that little added pop of drama. Super soft, super blendable, but highly-pigmented, this cool-toned brown is perfect for creating extra shadow.

The Brush.

So, bold claim coming up, but I do believe this is the best contour brush ever. A 99p dupe of the Nars Mie Kabuki Brush. Beautifully tapered, but chubby on the sides, wonderfully light, and brilliant to use with all of the above. After writing this I will go straight onto the seller’s ebay page and purchase firstly another of this brush, and then some others I have had my eye on!

Much love,
Ani x