This month I've discovered a few bits and pieces that I really enjoyed, and enjoying some things from previous months.
Alpha H Liquid Gold - I knew this was working when my sister was like 'your skin looks good' (review here).
Caudalie Beauty Elixir - just a lovely product.  The small 30ml spray has lasted me a month so far.  I know the combo of this and the Liquid Gold are working because I ran out of both before I had time to repurchase and my skin screamed out for attention! Hopefully they arrive soon, so my pretty face can come back!
Clearasil Daily Clear - Genius of them to market this unbranded because I loved the stuff, but am pretty sure I wouldn't have picked it up knowing it was Clearasil!
Coconut Body Oil - new discovery, the ULTIMATE multitasker.  I reckon you could take it away with you and need no other skincare - actually only bought it as a temp replacement for my botanics face balm, which still is not in stock after a month! Ridiculous!  I use it mostly as a cleanser, scoop out a little, melt it in my hands, apply to face and massage, massage, massage!  Then use a hot flannel and buff it off.  Result? Super soft, clean skin.  You can use a little of this as a moisturiser!  Have also used it as a body moisturiser, and find it lovely and non-greasy.  And the last way is to use a load of it on clean skin as a super-moisturising mask.  Best bit? It costs about £2!
Lanolips - HG status for this one.  So moisturising, so lovely, and also a multitasker!
And, another 2 lip products - Rimmel Snob Lipliner, the perfect pinky lip liner, and L'oreal rouge caresse in tempting lilac (review here).  Together they create a gorgeous everyday lip.  In the pic with the Snob lip liner is Teddy Eyeliner by Mac.  Its a new fave, a lovely rich brown shade, have literally worn it every day since I got it!

Highlighters!  I've really been loving highlighters for glowing skin this month, which is unusual for me - normally I favour contour and blush, but have been adding this stage in recently: ELF bronzer in Luminance, and Kiko Eyeshadow in 118.  The ELF leans slightly whiter and lighter, the Kiko is slightly more 'toasted'.
Lastly, something I've used actually every single day, my enrapture curler, (review here).
As for TV, my faves this month are Ringer - such a tense, unfathomable series, Once Upon a Time - which is just ridiculously fabulous and I've nearly finished the series! And Kourtney and Kim Take New York - I know the whole 72 day marriage thing was a bit of a farce, but it is actually heartbreaking watching Kimmy K realise that her marriage isn't working.
As you can see, very much a skincare-oriented month!
Love A.x