I experiment a lot with Lush cleansers.  I find that each one is very good at it's specific job, for example Angels on Bare Faces is perfect for brightening the skin, Dark angels is good for purifying clogged skin, whilst also smoothing, and Aqua Marina was very good for oily skin.  I use these intermittently whenever I need an extra boost, and my sister uses Angels on Bare Faces - which is incredibly gentle and lavender-ish - every day.  As you may know, my beloved Boots Botanics Cleansing balm has been out of stock nearly 2 and a half months now, and the only thing that I found similar to it was the Shu Uemura Cleansing oil which I LOVE but simply can't afford atm.  I then remembered that Lush do two similar products that I used to use - Babyface, a solid balm that melts to an oil in your hands, and Ultrabland, which is like a melted, more creamy version of Babyface.  I picked up Babyface as it is more convenient, and because Babyface gets hugely grubby!  Basically, you massage a dollop of this on your dry face, and remove with a hot, wet flannel.  It gets rid of ridiculous amounts of grime, and leaves your face as soft as a baby's bum!  Also, as a tip for problematic skin, it says to use only this as your cleanser for a month to sort your skin out.  I love it!

Love A.x