Bit of a different post today!  So, I'm just gonna put it out there: I hate moisturising my body.  With my face I am religious, but I truly have to force myself to moisturise the olde body!  The main reason is I don't like the feeling of having wet cream on me - the time it takes to dry is literally torture for me, and I just cannot bring myself to put clothes on top of a creamed body.  So how do I combat this predicament?  Wellllll, I discovered the Garnier Body Intensive 7 days Gel Cream.  It was on offer on a stand in Boots, and I though hmmmmm let's have a sniff!  So I sniffed them all (I am quite a sniffer in life) and chose the Peach flavour.

I brought it home with medium to low expectations, but it has quickly turned around the moisturisation part of my life!  On first contact with the skin, it is kind of a thick gel/serum type texture, looks a little gritty, but also feels cooling on the skin.   As you rub it in, it literally turns into a water texture - very similar to a thin, water-based serum - and within about 30 seconds the wet feeling has evaporated from your skin, leaving you with a smooth, supple and hydrated body.
The scent is very delicate, definitely fruity, but clean - again the water theme seems to run into the freshness of the smell.  As for the 7day moisture claims, I would say that actually, they are surprisingly true.  After a week of religious use, I think moisture levels in the skin are up, and I have found that when I have forgotten or been too lazy to cream myself, my body is still lovely and soft.
This is a revolutionary product for me - it is almost finished, and that has never happened to me before!  I have never had a body cream/lotion empty!  I will definitely be repurchasing (and also attempting to use up odds and ends of other body creams/lotions I have lying around!).
It is available here if you want to have a little look - have a gander at the other 'flavours' too!
Love A.x