So, as you may have gathered from this freebie post, I picked up the Avon Supershock Mascara free with Marie Claire this month.  And I've got to say, it's bloody brilliant!

When I opened the tube I was actually a little disheartened as I don't actually like plastic brushes, I'm generally a bristle girl through and through!  But after application, I feel that I've been converted to this mascara (including it's brush).  This mascara thickens my roots, and lengthens and separates my lashes on first application.  On the second coat, ridiculous amounts of volume is achieved, all the while never leaving the lashes clumpy!  I can layer and layer this on, and still be left with dark, thick, fluttering lashes that look lovely and seductive!
I don't have a pic of it on me at the moment BUT I'm sure you'll see it in a face of the day soon!
Love A.x