Today's post is not on skincare! Shock, horror!
This selection of eclectic bit and pieces in the above picture is informing you that today's post is actually about things that are such essentials in any girl's staple beauty tools that I always forget to even mention the importance of them!

I am lucky in the sense that my brows grow pretty much neatly, with a defined arch, so generally all I have to do is pluck the stray hairs every now and then, and brush them up with a little spoolie.  I then fill them in with whatever is left on my angled eyeliner brush, as their is always some remnants from doing my eyeliner.  And that is my brows done!
In terms of lashes, mine go through phases.  Sometimes they get long and thick, but when I'm run down they tend to be shorter and more prown to moulting, as they are at the moment.  A new treatment I am trying on my lashes - when I remember - is Castor Oil.  Super cheap, at aroun £1-£2 for a bucket-load of the stuff, it works wonders.  I have literally used it once, I rubbed a little on my fingers, then coated the lashes before I slept, and in the morning after I had washed it off, I already had thicker lashes.  I have since forgotten to use it, but will be making the effort now - it gives quicker results than my beloved, and more expensive Rapidlash!
To help my lashes achive the doll-eyed look, I use a good pair of eyelash curlers.  I have in the past had Shu Uemura eyelash curlers, and truth be told, I hated them.  They didn't fit my eye properly, they didn't give me a wide-eyed curl, so I sold them and bought the Tweezerman ones when they were on offer.  And I love them.  They open my eye up, and the curl holds beautifully until I decide to take off my mascara!
So that is my little lash and brow maintenance post,
I hope you liked it!
Love A.x