Oh my goodness, I can't believe that firstly it's time to do another faves post again, and secondly, that it's time to do AUGUST'S faves!  Eek, where is the time going, I feel like I’m just losing time! This months faves are really skincare based, I am buried under my dissertation – thoroughly enjoying it, but thoroughly buried under it – until submission on the 21st September, and therefore, apart from random trips round supermarkets and shopping centres, I have been literally nowhere.  As such, make-up wearing had been sporadic, much like my blog posts this month!
Let’s start off with a biggie – the Selfridges Beauty Box.  I completely and utterly adore everything that came in it: the absolute perfect box for a skincare nut like myself, full of high-end products that I most definitely couldn’t even have dreamt about buying until I’m back in full-time work.  For those of you that didn’t purchase the box, it was £15 plus £4.95 for delivery, so around £20 altogether, for products which I have heard would cost between £150-£250.  Whichever end of the price scale, I’m ridiculously happy with the quality and quantity of the products. 
The hero product so far from the box is the Antipodes Divine Face Oil – Organic Avocado Oil and Rosehip.  My skin broke out in a huge way after using the Omorovicza Deep Cleansing mask, and I panicked – even though I had watched Ruth from A Model Recommends extolling its virtues, and saying that one of its effects is a ridiculous deep clean, that on her, looked like adult acne! – and did my usual touching and picking.  The spots were such that two weeks later, my face, through my own fault, now has more little scars all over the place, which are doing my head in.  The mask – had I put up with the purging – would have allowed me gorrrrrrrgeous skin after a few days, but ah, it’s a habit!  The Divine facial oil helped to smooth and soften the flaky skin around the spots, and to generally condition skin my face, which seemed to have needed a little TLC.  Gorgeous, gorgeous product that I feel would be amazing on all skin types – I find facial oils a dream to use at night-time, or to help combat the stress that occurs courtesy of the disso!
Next up – Advanced Night Repair.  Gorgeous.  Gorgeous.  Gorgeous.  Does exactly what it says: repairs the skin in an advanced way at night!  But its virtues go far deeper – perfect for skin than is being problematic, stressed, anything!  I suggest everyone has a bottle of this in their skincare arsenal.  Review can be found here.
REN ClearCalm 3 Replenishing Night Serum has been a slight hero product in my skincare arsenal – it helps to calm, soothe, and help to repair problem skin, at the same time as helping to maintain clarity and ward off any new breakouts.  It is thicker than my normal serums, a white gel-serum in texture, feels instantly cooling on the skin. 
As a slightly different fave for this month, I am truly enjoying hot baths with The Sanctuary bubble bath, listening to the Harry Potter Audiobooks on my ipod.  Ah how I wish Stephen Fry read all the words of every book!
The Newsroom is perhaps the best show on TV at the moment – I adore it, and hence it is my fave TV show of the month.  Sad thing though – apparently it only has 10 episodes per series, just like my other fave Game of Thrones!
Favourite book this month?  Well, in between my disso books, of which there are at least 20, I have found time to read The Help, which I adored: the characterisation is so realistic, and its really interesting to read of how different literature was produced so covertly due to social conditions!  My other fave book this month is a collection – the Chronicles of Narnia.  The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe features fairly heavily in my dissertation, and although the book-worm version of me read all the chronicles when I was about 10, I decided to work my way through them.   And they are still utterly magical!
And before I forget, this month I have a fave drink!  Nesquik banana milkshake!  Made with almond with, this takes me mere seconds to finish a large glass!  Definitely appealing to the kid in me!
Love A.x