It's quite literally coming to the end of the year, and winter is well and truly blanketed over the country.  And I am frozen to the bone.  I feel like I'm living in Narnia and the Snow Queen has well and truly frozen me, ready to be shattered!  Anyways, back to the point of this post - November's favourites!  This month has been a little mix of skincare, make up, body care AND also includes haircare for once!
Let's start off with the skincare, because quite frankly, my skin has needed a LOT of care as the cold gets colder and more bitter.  I have been layering it on like nobody's business, and will introduce you to the stars of my routine!  Starting with cleansing, I am actually on a new cleansing "hype" as one might say, aka I'm using something very, very new, but that seems to give me the clearest skin I've had in a while.  The brand in question is Superfacialist by Una Brennan, and so far I have purchased the Neroli Oil and the Neroli Cleanser.  Both are absolutely beautiful, especially the oil.  It is actually a cleansing oil, and is suggested to be used before your full cleanse, but depending on how I feel I use it as first or second cleanse.  It smells just HEAVENLY and glides over the skin so beautifully that one could think that one is having a top of the range facial.  I use it in conjunction with the cleanser, of which you literally need the TINIEST amount, and is beautiful when used with the Clarisonic, but is just as lovely without.  The oil and cleanser together give balanced, soft, radiant skin - I actually love this range so much that I am thinking about picking up the night cream, day cream and serum!
In terms of layering on the skincare I am alternating between a few night of Alpha H Liquid Gold, and a few super intense nights of hydration which include serum, oil and moisturiser (am also hoping to purchase a balm to complete the set!).  Serums of choice are Hydraluron and Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, oil is the Antipodes Rosehip and Avocado oil, and nighttime moisturiser of choice is the Vichy Idealia (detailed post to come in a little while).  So far this little combo is the most hydrating and the most successful at helping me to have really healthy looking skin when I wake up.
Make up this month starts off with the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in 2W2 Rattan, which is ultimately perhaps the most perfect foundation I have tried - you can sheer it out depending on what brush is used, or build it up for absolute amounts of flawless.  Concealer has been extremely important in my routine this month - my skin has been pretty clear, but has some scarring from previous breakouts, so I am trying to use more concealer and less foundation.  The concealer I have been using on scarring is the Vichy Dermablend Stick, which is perfection, and the one used for under my eyes is the Sleek Corrector and Concealer Palette, which is beautiful.
In terms of blush, I have discovered the most beautiful colour and formula in the L'oreal Le Blush, in the colour Rose Nude.  It is a perfect nude with a mauvey undertone that looks hugely natural, and gives such a healthy flush to the skin.  I feel like a trip to pick up a few more of these blushes is in order!
Lastly make-up wise is the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, which I am actually hitting pan on.  Now I am ridiculous in the way I never hit pan on anything, so let's leave it at the fact that I have actually hit pan!  Cheap, brilliant stuff!

Body-wise, eczema has really been plaguing me, sooooooo I picked up these two Boots baby products - I figure if you can use them on babies, you can use them on me!  Together they have really worked to soothe and calm my skin - plus they make me feel cosy and sleepy!

Haircare this month have been a little bit of a revelation.  I was very lucky to receive the Babyliss Big Hair for my birthday, and I have to say oh em gee I'm really loving this little weirdo contraption!  I have also Ombre'd my hair using the L'oreal Wild Ombre, which I love the results of.  Due to the damage I thought would be caused by the ombre, I picked up the L'oreal extraordinary oil, which tbh is pretty extraordinary!  Last in haircare is the L'oreal Elnett Heat Protect Spray in the Volume variety.  This really does what it says on the tin, I love it, and am thinking to pick up the Curls version!
This month's fave TV Shows are Arrested Development, which is just so hilarious, and Elementary, which is a genius show!  Also this month has seen the return of one of my faves - Merlin!
Now that Christmas is approaching, something that I eat a million of for a month has returned - CLEMENTINES!  I can spend hours eating these bad boys, and I get so sad when they disappear from shelves after Christmas!
And that concludes my November faves.  I suppose I'll see you back here in a month where I suppose it'll be time to say Happy New Year!  Eek!
Love A.x