Let's have a little look at this product shall we?  Pink, stylish, but unassuming jar.  Weighty.  Pink, unassuming cream.  But you know what?  I think this little gem should be making some assumptions!  What am I talking about?  Well, lo and behold, the Vichy Idealia cream:
I contacted Steph at Vichy because my skin was extremely dehydrated - I'd been through the mill a little bit and was just run down to the max.  She recommended this to me, and quite literally became my guardian angel that day by offering to send this out to me.  Basically, this cream is to - in layman's terms - pep the skin up if you will.  And let me tell you it perked my skin right up after one use.  Not only does it do a brilliant job on the actual superficial surface of the skin, but after every use I feel that my dehydrated skin becomes re-hydrated from within.  Basically it is a pot of pink magic.  A pink potion if you will - and who doesn't love a pink potion?!
As you can see from the picture above, it is a lovely pink - I want to say calm pink? - colour, and is lovely and cooling on the skin.  It applies like a dream, sinking in softly, and a little goes a very long way.  Instantly, skin looks brighter and just generally more alive, and throughout the day or night, skin is lovely and "juicy" i.e. plump!  The hydration effects are lasting, so the product must be doing wonders in the deeper levels of my skin!
I would highly recommend that if you have dehydrated skin, or skin that seems dull, that you pick up a jar of this.  I honestly think it makes a huge difference to the skin, and seeing as I use such a small amount every time, the jar will last me an age.  Plus, it comes in two variations - one for combo skin and one for normal/dry, so everyone can try out this little wonder!
A pretty in depth review for a cream, but I felt it deserved it!
Hope you liked this!
Love A.x