So today I realise, I never really talk about the tools I use in creating my painted-on face.  Of course, this varies from fingers, to beauty blenders (which will be having it's own little post), to today's topic of choice - the humble brush.  I picked through my many brushes, and decided that this little lot are the ones I use on constant rotation:
As you can see, they are quite a varied little bunch, and the mixture of all of them could create a whole range of complete make up looks.  
Sigma F82 is one that I've had for a good few years now, and is more or less the sole brush I use for my foundation application, and for blending larger areas of concealer a la Kimmy K.  Super soft, hugely dense, this makes light work of foundation application, and allows easy layering.  The downfall here is that the density collects a lot of product which builds up, and truth be told, I should wash it more often than I do - but drying takes tooooo long and I hate to be without it!
The Elf Studio Powder Brush was bought on a whim in the only Elf order I have ever made, and was easily the standout product of the bunch.  Flat headed and super soft, I use this to finish off my foundation as the flat-head buffs the foundation in slightly further that the F82 with its round head does.  I also use it of a morning to apply all my loose and pressed powders.  Bad point here?  Within a month the brush head was coming loose from the handle, and Elf refused me an exchange, pointing me towards a youtube video of a random person using glue and a hairdryer to stick the pieces back together.  Health and safety much!
Ok, the Bobbi Brown Blush Brush is from my Bobbi Brown set, and is super versatile.  Kind of flat and wide on one side, and less wide on the other, with a full, soft brush head, it can be used for everything from powder to contour to bronzer to blusher and even highlighter!  Big, fat multitasker of a brush that I loooooove!
The Bobbi Brown Cream Eyeshadow brush I started using with my Mac Paint Pots, but soon realised that it was the perfect shape for laying down and packing on a load of any eyeshadow.  It it also perfect for wet eye shadows, making them appear foil-like on the eyes.
The Crown Blending Brush is one I picked up recently, a dupe for the Mac Blending Brush that everyone seems to have - the tapering is beautifully narrow, the bristles themselves packed tightly, able to fill in the crease as well as blending out any eyeshadow.
Last of all, the Real Techniques Setting Brush.  I originally bought this for contour, and whilst I still use it for such, I have also found that is works well at defining the eye crease softly, and for setting concealer under the eye and around the nose with powder.
So there we have it! My most used brushes, a varied, but hugely useful lot!
Love A.x