So this came into my head today "When there's something weird.. In your neighbourhood.. Who you gonna call?  Ghostbusters!"  And therein lies the inspiration for today's post - the Shinebusters!
I am an oily-skinned girl - something that I often have to remind myself will see me into old age well, but something I do not enjoy in this day and age.  After much experimentation, this is my little touch up the old shine kit that I carry around with me day after day, and it's not a bad little kit - providing that I remember/ bother to use them!
First of all, when shine peeks through I blot with my Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets, which are pretty incredible at removing excess shine from my skin.  I find it is important to blot before applying the 17 Miracle Matte pressed powder as otherwise a layer of oil is trapped between two layers of powder - a little bit yuk if you ask me!  So I blot and then I swirl the Kabuki in the powder and gently press the powder into my skin.  And if I have done this is a timely and ordered fashion then I find my make up stays nice allllll day long.  Again, emphasis on the IF!
Love A.x