Hola Munchkins!
I thought today I'd show you some of my favourite bits from the BBB Beauty Box!  First of all, the main reason I bought this was for the Elemis Tri-Enzyme Mask, which I absolutely adore but had run out of - this in itself more or less covered the cost of the Beauty Box.  The box in itself was packed full of lovely things to try, I was just like a tiny, tiny kid in a massive sweet shop, and was ridiculously good value - about £20 including postage.
What I inherently love about this box is that it was obviously put together by someone who knows about beauty, not someone trying to peddle their wares.  I love Jane's blog - British Beauty Blogger, and always love to know what she thinks about new things - she really is on the pulse of the beauty world, and this shows clearly throughout the box.  Above are my faves from the box - with the Melvita Orange Blossom Water missing because I love it so much that I've carried it everywhere with me, and lost it somewhere along the way!
The Elemis Tri-Enzyme Mask is absolutely one of the staples in my skincare routine, refreshing, resurfacing, makes me glow - simple.  Trilogy's Rosehip Oil is something I have wanted to try forever, but never got round to purchasing.  It is beautiful.  In fact, it is more than beautiful - a bright, almost chartreuse coloured, beautiful oil, it sinks into the skin, but leaves a little slip for massage, and still manages to leave a demi-matte finish to the skin.  The next morning, skin is plump, refreshed, and more event-toned.  A little miracle in a bottle.
Melvita is a brand I've never had the pleasure of using before, but is one that I can see myself growing to love.  The Orange Blossom Water is beautiful, lightly scented, cooling and hydrating.  The Apicosma Body is a lovely thick, but light moisturiser that is working wonders on small dry patches and eczema, whilst reminding me of the smell of parma violets!  Lanolips is one of my basic staples, but I've never gotten round to trying a tinted one - but it's love.  A hint of a tint, natural, but brightens the face, with the emollient properties of the lanolin, my lips are (slowly) improving in condition.
Hand creams are something that I've now done a complete 180 on - I couldn't stand them up until a month ago, but after someone commented on the softness of them I thought I'd better take steps to ensure the softness would last!  The Neom Complete Bliss Organic Hand Cream smells like the softest, most romantic rose water, and I love it!  The Illamasqua Liquid Metal in Electrum appeals so much to a magpie like me.  Hugely metallic, hugely pigmented, hugely good on the wear time, it is such a perfect little product.  Last of all, the Jo Loves Pomelo fragrance.  Very, very different from my usual sweet or sexy-type scents, this is a fruity, happy, can't-help-but-smile fragrance that I spray just to feel a little happy!
Love A.x