Hola Munchkins!
I love blush.  I love pink.  I very much like pink blush.  And so the Sleek Blush By 3 from the Candy Collection (sweet cheeks), had me rushing out to buy it!  And oh boy, it's a good 'un!  
I've had this palette for about two months now, and find it to be the one that I reach for automatically, whether I'm doing my make up for day or night, natural or super made up.
As you can see, the whole pink spectrum is covered, as are different finishes and textures.  Left to right we have Cupcake, Dolly Mix and Candy Floss.  Cupcake is a cream blush, a cool-toned fairly bright pink, that leans a little neutral.  The pigmentation is brilliant, and the formula is silky, and sets to a lovely flush on the skin that can be built up.  Dolly Mix is my absolute favourite in this palette - a lilac-toned light pink that serves to brighten up the skin instantly.  I love a light sweep of this, and I love a real whack of this colour!  Almost so light and neutral that I find it to go with any make-up look, this is my perfect blush colour.  Lastly, Candy Floss is a bright, almost red-toned pink, which is perfect for a little flush of flushedness to the skin - my least favourite of the palette, but still a beautiful colour.
On the skin, the pigmentation of all of the shades are incredible - they all pack a punch on the skin, and even after two months or more-or-less continuous use, not a dent has been made in any of the pans!
A perfect, perfect little palette!
Love A.x