Hola Munchkins!
Surprisingly this post isn't actually my faves for October (look out for those over the weekend!), neither is it about the lovely creamy dessert that is Angel Delight, but a matte lip cream I have recently rediscovered.  This is Collection 2000 Cream Puff in Angel Delight: I am not sure exactly why I forgot about this, it tends to happen, but I have rediscovered it and the basic gist is - it is pretty much perfect.
Firstly, it literally feels like how I imagine a cream puff to feel on the lips - smooth, soft and slightly like it's just not there at all.  Pigmentation is brilliant - opaque with one layer, but nice to add more layers and have a full-on matte pout.  Regarding matte, it really is matte.  Not demi-matte.  Not slightly matte, but lovely and matte.  So much so that it looks like my lips in both texture and colour.  My lips but better kind of deal - and brilliant for work days, or any days where you want a colour you don't have to worry about, and that will stay on perfectly.
Love A.x