Hola Munchkins!
I have been a very, very bad blogger - life and work have just gotten away from me, but here I am stating my intention to go back to doing what I love almost daily - blogging.
I thought I'd start back with a few rescue products that I am using on these cold winter nights that add a little luxury to my nighttime routine. The cold weather and travelling on the tube is just pummeling my skin into oblivion - its pretty clear at the moment, but obviously stressed and parched even though its oily.  So step forward the last steps before bed:
First up I'm been slathering my worn-out face in skinChemists Wrinkle Killer Facial Oil - the middle bottle - which is absolutely beautiful: a more water-based oil that is a cross between a serum and an oil that leaves the skin nourished but not greasy.  Next up, a generous layer of the skinChemists Wild Caviar Facial Moisturiser (a tube of the matching hand cream sits on my desk), which is lovely, thick but light, and nourishes deep down.  You actually only need the tiniest bit - it spreads well and doesn't add any excess oil to the face.  Lastly I slather on the Neom Complete Bliss Organic Hand Cream - smells of Moroccan Blush Rose, which is a smell that I absolutely adore, and leaves the hands soft and supple.
So those are my current nighttime go to's!
Hope you liked them!
Much Love, Ani x