I love a bath. I hated the idea of them for a good 10 years - I would always shower, and never bathe, but after a couple of operations for kidney stones and ovarian cyst, I was in so much pain one day that the only comforting thought was that of a bath. And that is the beginning of a story that hasn't ended - a story where I just love a bath. I find baths to be soothing in times of anxiety - so much so that they can stave off an attack - calming in times of stress, the place where I watch Youtube beauty videos, and where I can read an entire book in a go. There is something about the hot water that I just adore. But I don't like bubbles anymore. Because I literally tend to wallow in the bath - just lie still - the bubbles don't tend to dissipate, and annoy me when I wash my hair, and when I drain the water they just remain! I love a good Lush Bath melt or Ballistic, but my latest non-bubble love is Epsom Salts.
These mainly magnesium-based salts are amazing. Hidden in what looks like just large salt flakes is an elixir that cures everything - skin conditions, stress, and helps to give me a wonderful night's sleep. My current choice is the Dead Sea Spa Magik (one of my fave brands) Dead Sea Bath Salts. I adore these, and will always keep a little stash for my bathing happiness.
Much love,
Ani x