On paper, I thought I'd love it.. Even on first sniff. I loved it. First touch - the same. But on the face? Not so much. I love a bit of rose - the sweet, soft, fresh smell of real roses, which this one hundred per cent delivers on. Again, hot cloth cleaner - something I love. 
But then it all goes a little pear-shaped. Something about the texture when on my face feels like it is suffocating me - there is no obvious reason why, it isn't sticky or super thick, in fact for a hot cloth cleanser it's pretty loose in texture. I don't dispute it's cleansing prowess, the gentleness of the formula, but I can't stand the cloying feel on my face. I'm a little bit of a lover of Ren, of roses, of hot cloth cleansers, so I tried again, but with no luck. Unfortunately, this is a no for me, but I know pleeeeeeeeeenty of people who love it.
Much love,
Ani x