Hola Munchkins!
My hair has been annoying me to the max for a while now.  It is thick.  It is heavy.  It just sits when I don't give it a helping hand.  There was a time, not long ago when I would not leave the house without perfect hair and make up, but for whatever reason, I've dropped the ball on it a little.  No longer shall I do this! I am back, with a vengeance, and in the quest for height, I have turned to these products:
Needless to say, they are pretty self explanatory - spray the Fructis Heat Protect Big Volume all over wet hair, then (and herein lies the trick) spray some of the gorgeous (odd adjective for a hairspray, I know), into the roots of wet hair, then blow-dry upside down like crayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyzay.  Just before I style, I spray dry shampoo on dry hair, to give grip to what I'm about to do next - Backcomb!  Et voila, big fat hair, just the way I like it!
Hope you liked my hair styling routine, if one could even call it that!
Love A.x
P.S. the hairspray is super fine, non-tacky, brushes out easily, and I seriously love it!