Hola Munchkins!
Now, you may have realised I have been MIA as they say.  I apologise, life just got very busy all of a sudden, and then when I wanted to blog I got overwhelmed by the amount of things I could blog about!  Soooooo I thought I'd start off with a nice, easy post, a post about the month of face masks!
February and this half of March have been the months of the face masks.  Plural.  As in I can't seem to use one at a time at the moment.  Forget triple-threat facial, sometimes is a quad-threat facial, or on those super busy days, often a bi-tri-or quad smoooshed facial!
Now, I am a full-on skincare routine advocate - I cleanse, I tone if I feel I need it, and of course I moisturise.  But tbh, I do more than that.  I double cleanse, sometimes triple cleanse, tailoring the cleanse to whatever my skin needs on that particular morning or evening.  I exfoliate, both using physical and chemical exfoliants.  I use serums, oils and treatments, and of course, I use masks!

As usual, we have the face masks in categories - the deep cleansers, the brightening and chemical exfoliants, and the moisture-givers.  All used together to (hopefully) rebalanced my stressed and confused skin. 

Let's start off with the deep cleansers.  In this category, lies the Superdrug Oil Balancing Mask, the Clarins Pure and Radiant Mask the Good Things Five Minute Facial Face Mask, Oskia's Deep Cleansing Mask and the Kiko Peeling Mask.  All of these masks do exactly what they say on the tin - all contain clay to suck out the yuk from your skin, and suck out the yuk they defos do.  If you need a super-quick fix, the Superdrug mask works in only three minutes!  A handy tip if you will, is to let the mask dry on your skin, then dampen the mask again, helping it to suck even more yuck out!

Brightening masks are currently my favourite - winter has literally sucked the soul out of my skin, at the same time as dumping a truck-load of oil on it!  The brightening masks alleviate some of the "I'm so ill" pallor that winter brings to me, helping me to achieve a somewhat fresher complexion.  In this category, hero products are the Elemis Tri-Enzyme Mask, which you can really feel working, the Superdrug Naturally Radiant Mask, and the Alpha H Perfecting and Smoothing Mask. 

Last of all, moisture.  And here I have been cheating somewhat - after all my clay and brightening masks, sometimes I have lain in the bath with the Una Brennan Rose oil on my face, and I must say, it leaves behind the most beautifully moist, plumped complexion when buffed off with a hot flannel after a steamy bath, without an oily residue. 
Hope this helped navigate the minefield that is face masks!
Love A.x