Hola Munchkins!
I'm just gonna put this out there - I really, really love this mask.  I wasn't expecting to at all, I only picked it up because it was near the New Look till whilst I was paying (I'm a sucker for things displayed near tills), and it's actually not a mask that I would generally consider on account of the fact that I hate being cold.  But this little beauty is just lovely.  It's not your normal clay mask, nor your general hydrating mask, but it's a scrub/mask combo that doesn't dry at all, but imparts a lovely cool freshness to the face, I suppose its as refreshing as ice but in a softer way!
You squeeze out some mask, massage it into the skin, so the exfoliation process is started, then leave on for about 15 mins, before massaging and rinsing.  I found after this my stresses skin seemed calm and relaxed, and soft to OMG proportions.  My skin looked as if imperfections had been blurred, and generally looked more healthy.  I think I might just give up the stress factors that I shove on my skin on a daily basis (AHAs, brightening serums etc etc), and go back to basics with simple cleanser and masks for a week or so, just to restore the harmony.
Love A.x