Sometimes, like many, I get stuck in my ways.  I use something, or don't use something, for so long, that I keep using or not using said product.  Little bit rambly, but in essence, I gave up the use of my Beauty Blender when someone I knew kept on using mine.  Now this has more to do with someone being a thief than not sharing my things, but essentially the Beauty Blender was dead to me!  Fast  forward about a year and staring at me from the shelves of Superdrug was the blender, and sigh, it had to be mine again.
So, what is special about the blender?  Basically, it presses the foundation into your skin in sheer layers, allowing it to set slightly between layers, whilst the curved shape means that the foundation glides over the skin, as opposed to settling in lines and on spots.  The fact that you use this damp means less product is absorbed by the sponge AND the setting of the layers is aided as the water starts to evaporate on the skin.
It provides a lovely, airbrushed finish that can also help the longevity of the foundation on the skin through the way in which it sheers out the layers.
Hope you liked my re-discovery!
Love A.x