Hola Munchkins!
After yesterday's post on a few of my go-to products I thought today I'd give you a little insight into how I deal with my skin in these current hot, humid conditions.  Of course, being of an oily complexion, the key things for me are to keep my skin clean and fresh-feeling, protected from the sun, and slightly glowy to complement the season.  
This is a product I have been eyeing up for a while, after seeing it on a TV advert (the power of TV), anyways yes, I know I am a girl, but I had a hunch that the men's skincare market would be able to deal with super oily skin in a more effective and longer-lasting way, and I was right.  I actually bought this for my brother, but have ended up using it of a morning, and finding it to be a beautiful (odd word to use for a product made for the menfolk!) product.  Containing black charcoal, it works to deep clean, absorb oil - it is ever so slightly abrasive, and lathers up to quite a luxurious grey foam, with a minty, menthol feel on the skin.  It leaves skin clean, but not stripped, and really helps to keep oil at bay.
I'm forever in the process of buying an exfoliating toner - as in I never quite bring myself to do it, and have generally been making do with the Alpha H Liquid Gold at night, but as the bottle is now finished, I have turned to the Origins Zero Oil Pore Purifying Toner for my morning tone.  Now, as with most toners, I generally don't know if they're doing anything in particular, but I do feel like they are a lovely addition to any skincare routine: this one in particular is very calming, cooling, and soothing on the skin - the mint is lovely on a warm day, and paired with the matching moisturiser, a double cool effect is achieved before I put any make up on!  These two together also control oil, and help my complexion look healthy.
Last of all is the sun protection/ glow getting/ coverage portion of my facial preparation.  I have been shunning my usual full coverage foundations for a concoction that consists of Vichy's Mattifying Face Fluid SPF30, Elemis' Pro Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm, mixed with that particular day's foundation of choice!  This achieves a beautiful, skin-like coverage that gives a glow, but doesn't allow shine to creep in throughout the day!
Love A.x