Hola Munchkins!
I thought I would kick off the new blogging season over here by starting off with my current most-reached for items.  This month has been stressful to the max, and I have been trying to prevent any skincare issues, rather than treat them when they come along.  These products are the ones that seem to work on a stressed, dehydrated, yet still silly oil skin!
I always find that a cleansing oil or balm is the way to go for stressed, parched skin.  Una Brennan's Rose Facial Oil is a lovely, golden, unctuous oil that just screams luxury, especially when you feel it between your fingers.  It breaks down the heaviest of eye and base make-up with ease, and leaves the skin soft, smooth and bright.  I tend to decide whether this is my first or second cleanse depending on my skin's needs of a particular day, but I have discovered that layering this over a moisture mask (in my case Dermologica or La Roche Posay) really helps to create a seal for the moisture mask to work under.  Touted as perfect for mature or drier skins, I personally think this is a product that is gentle enough for all skin types.
Next up is my superhero duo, one that I use whenever I have a spare 20 minutes - the Good Things Five Minute Facial, followed by the Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Gel Mask.  I adore both of these individually, both are a super quick fix, with immediate results, but both also result in cumulative effects on the skin.  The Good Things Mask is an ultra deep cleansing mask, that I find also softens and soothes the skin at the same time.  It dries to an "oh my goodness my face is going to crack" type finish, but works its magic within the stated 5 minutes, and as such is generally my go-to congested-skin mask.  The Tri-Enzyme Mask could possibly be my most favourite mask in the world - this is my second tube of it, and the interim between tubes (when I had none) was not the best of times for my skin!  This mask is a gel, applies like a gel, and acts like a gel, in that it doesn't set.  You leave it on for about 15 minutes, and the magic starts to happen between 7 and 10 minutes, when, quite randomly, a minty tingle can be felt on the skin.  Immediately after removal skin is brighter, and generally more toned.  Used together, these two make an incredible difference to my skin, and sort out most of my skincare problems in a flash!
Now we have my two go-to oils - Sweet Almond and Rosehip.  I have been a lover of oils for a fair while now, and tend to use them at least every other night.  The sweet almond is a good all-round oil - softens, brightens, and gives a youthful glow.  The Rosehip is a little more of a hard-worker, aiming to even out skin tone and help to minimise scars.  Both have immediate and cumulative benefits, and I love the luxury feel of using an oil before bed - it feels very old-school Hollywood.  Oils seem to give such an immediate hit of moisture to the skin, and I alternate them (with my coconut oil too) depending on what my skin is crying out for of a night,
Before moisturiser, I tend to spread a little dollop of this dehydrated-skin serum all over my visage.  A thick, gel-like serum that turns to a watery consistency, then sinks into the skin, Hydraluron appears to be adding moisture to my skin, leaving it ready for the moisturiser of my choice!
I hope you enjoyed reading about my go-to products of the moment, I know I love to see into other people's skincare routines!
Love A.x