Hola Munchkins!
When it comes to skincare, I am what they refer to as a complete tart.  I flit in and out, with different products finding favour not only on different days, but also at different times of the day.  It's awful, but that's my nature!  Anyway, after watching QVC (something I do of a late-night or weekend), the presenter said that using the Balancing Elemis Duo - Lime Blossom Cleaner, and Lavender Toner - had helped to re balance her skin and tighten her pores.  Now, I had tried this duo previously for a few days and literally thought "meh".  Nothing really happened - my skin was clean, but that was about it.  So when QVC said that the results were tangible in approximately a week, I though ah, there's a challenge for me!
After about five days, I really did see a difference - my skin was getting less oily throughout the day, and just felt more balanced in general.  The Balancing Lime Blossom Cleanser is a lovely milk cleanser - slightly thicker than the average milk cleanser - and is absolutely ideal for taking off make up, and for a little massage, with fingers or with the Clarisonic: I always end by removing it with a flannel.  The Toner is lovely and refreshing, quite unlike most toners, and really complements the Cleanser.
All in all, a really lovely, simple set that nourishes the skin whilst actually helping to balance it.
Love A.x