Hola Munchkins!
Floral waters seem to be all the rage these days - each individual flower has different properties and as such, can help different skin types.  Now, myself and my sister have been releasing our inner alchemists and concocting our own floral waters for around a year now, so when this popped into my British Beauty Blogger Beauty Box, I was intrigued to see how it fared.  
First of all, the ingredients list is pretty short, something that fills me with hope when it comes to a nice, simple product.  The spray itself diffuses nicely, ensuring a soft, even application over the whole face, and the scent is beautifully comforting, albeit surprisingly difficult to describe!  I have actually used this spray when feeling extremely sick and nauseous, and found the scent to be brilliant at calming and relieving nausea.  This floral spray refreshes skin, blurs make-up to a slight soft-focus finish, but as far as skincare benefits go, I'm not 100% convinced.  I'll stick to a home-made orange blossom spray for now - there is a certain fabulous sense of satisfaction from making my own!
Love A.x