I often find myself wandering in to The Body Shop - I think it's the smell that draws me in. I remember it from when I was quite small, and a little bit obsessed with all things pretty, even back then. But that smell, always pulls me in. However, I don't often find myself buying anything - just a browse, a couple of spritzes of scent, and I flounce out. Until a few weeks ago, where I found myself wanting to buy everything! The Body Shop really has had quite the upgrade in terms of their products, their relevance within the world of beauty, and the ingredients and actives they now put into their products. So, what did I walk out with you ask? Three cleansers of course!
I have had a few weeks to test all of these, and I have to say, I love them. I purchased both the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter and Silky Cleansing Oil - I have a penchant for a balm or oil as my first cleanse (I really don't think anything cleanses/ removes make up as well as a balm or oil), and thought the Balm in it's little tin would be brilliant for my Dubai holiday. The oil is beautifully silky, as the name suggests, and has a good amount of slip to it, perfect for rubbing into lashes to remove my beloved Urban Decay Perversion mascara. It is suggested that you add water and emulsify to remove, but I am unashamedly loyal to my hot-water, rung-out flannels! The balm on the other hand, is now one for when I fancy a long, relaxed, facial massage - all knuckles and fingers! If using in this way, it is my second cleanser, to really plump up and relax the skin. The same gorgeous scent as the oil, it just does it's job brilliantly. On holiday, this was actually my first cleanser - the metal tin just travels so well! As a first cleanse, it does all I want it to - it removes the majority of my make up, leaving my skin clean enough for the second cleanse. Both of the Camomile cleansers are definitely new loves for my skin. I have already talked about the Tea Tree Cool & Creamy wash in my last post, but the long and short of it is that I love it!
With all the offers The Body Shop has these days, I am definitely looking forward to trying out more of the range.
Much love,
Ani x