Alpha H is a brand I have loved for around about 4 years now - I have only used one product, but use it often, and find it to be one of the best skincare innovations available to the consumer market. The product that I am talking about is indeed Liquid Gold. However, it suddenly occurred to me that seeing as I had such good results with this, that I should probably try some of the other products in the range. Enter QVC and their wonderful easy pays! I saw this kit on QVC one night, and decided to go for it - 2 easy payments of £24.50 made it an easy purchase, that I have already seen results with.
This kit covers all your skincare bases, from cleanser, to resurfacing treatment, rejuvenating cream and eye gel - definitely your one-stop shop for radiant skin. I have been using this system for around about a week now, and I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed. It is amazing what changes can be seen in the skin, and how quickly they can be seen when all the stages of your routine include active ingredients. My skin reacts so well to AHAs and BHAs, and the lactic and glycolic acids present in these products are slowly but surely refining the texture of my skin, lessening the appearance of marks, and keeping breakouts away.
When it comes to eye creams, I tend to fall in the horrid category of using a steroid cream to alleviate any eczema flare-ups that seem to always be present. When I saw the gel-like, serum-type texture of the Absolute Eye Complex, I immediately assumed that it wouldn't be able to help my eyelids at all, but I was thankfully wrong. Cooling, firming and hydrating, this has meant that for the last week (touch wood) my eyelids have been eczema-free, and that is really no mean feat at all!
The Liquid Gold, as always, is such a staple and necessity in not only my routine, but that of my mum and sister too! Fixing a multitude of skin issues, this is one that I recommend to the whole world.
Next up, the Liquid Gold Rejuvenating Cream, another newbie to my stash, and I absolutely adore it. If you have ever used liquid gold in a hardcore way - lots and often - you can sometimes crave a little luxe in the skincare routine, and that is when this steps in. Glycolic acid swathed in cream, you still feel the slight prickliness associated with the Liquid Gold, but topped off with the comfort of a cream. Gorgeous for the days in between your Liquid Gold use, or layered on top of Liquid Gold, this is a perfect overnight skin workout.
Lastly, the Liquid Gold Anti-Ageing Cleanser. One word for this. Amaze. I have never had a cleanser that felt so active on my skin before: glycolic and lactic acids combine for the gentlest (but beware, prickly-feeling, and heaty-y) exfoliating cleanse ever. Just enough slip to get a really good facial massage out of this, it is one that I would never waste on a first cleanse or make up removal (I reckon it would super sting the eyes), but would want on my bare skin, to really infiltrate the skin's surface. 
And those are my speed reviews of these wonderful Alpha H products. I'm pretty sure most of these will achieve holy grail status.
What new skincare discoveries have you made?
Much love,