My hair is probably not as pampered as it should be.  It is verrrrrrry long, and I find it troublesome and annoying to apply treatments and wait for them to do their thaaaaang.  So, more often than not my poor hair just plods along.  Lately, due to changeable weather, and heating etc etc, I have found my scalp to be flaky, mostly around the hairline, and no matter what I did, it just stayed flaky, staring at me in the mirror, goading and teasing me.  So I decided that enough was enough, and set about racking my brains for an at-home remedy.  And I remembered an under £2 pot of solid miracle that I have floating about in my bathroom.  

Coconut oil.  Now, I love the smell and taste of coconut, but for those of you that don't know, coconut oil has a slightly differing smell, within which I can smell an undertone of something I hate.  I bought some of those healthy banana chips that I love, and proceeded to scoff a handful, only to find OMG they must have coconut oil in them, and I was right.  But I digress, because I have since found out - through using my solid coconut oil on my hair - that it is the heating of the oil that adds the yuk factor to it.  Back to the original story - I thoroughly tangle-teased my hair, grabbed generous scoops of the coconut oil, made it liquid in my hands, and applied all over the scalp, tied in a bun and slept.  

I woke up, washed it out, and miracle of all miracles, my hair was flake free.  Not just a temporary, one-day, I've put a hair mask on kind of flake-free, but a ooooooo I'll last you a week kind of flake-free.  But I've been lazy since.  So tomorrow will be another coconut oil day.
I hope any of you with the same issues found this helpful!
Love A.x