This is a post about a rediscovered love.  Once upon a time, before I tagged along on the Mac train, and dipped my toe in the designer end of make up, I used to wear one of three foundations: L'oreal Cashmere Perfect, L'oreal Infallible, and Maybelline 24h Superstay.  
Once I discovered higher end make up, these got left by the wayside, and I believe the Cashmere Perfect was discontinued, whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?  It was perfection.  Anyways, perusing the Boots and Superdrug aisles, I saw the 2 for £10 sign and thought wooooooooooah.  The Superstay is £9.19 alone, so whatever else I was choosing, it didn't really matter.  This was a done deal.  So I purchased it in the colour Fawn.  And now I remember why I loved it.  I have grown out of mac - at least out of studio fix, and I feel that if you are experiencing the same thing, this is a perfect dupe.
In short, this is a beautiful foundation - it perfects the skin, leaving it matte, and basically flawless.  The pigmentation level seems higher than many of my other foundations, and as it wears, it becomes more semi-matte to dewy, which I don't really mind at the end of the day.  I often mix this in with other foundations, just for the flawless and long-lasting addition.  Maybelline have also tailored this range to include a fairly wide variety of skin tones and colours, which is always a bonus!
Hope you liked this mini-review!
Love A.x