Today for you I have a complete and utter necessity.  A product that has been an SOS product, a real saviour for my eternally-dry and eczema-prone lips.  I sent an email off to Steph at La Roche Posay when my lips were in a ridiculous state, and I needed some instant, but long-lasting relief, and she immediately recommended this to me.  From her rave reviews of this, I literally bought it the next way, and shall we just say, I haven't looked back!  Ceralip is described on the tube as a "Lip Repair Cream" and I think the effectiveness of this product comes straight from its simplicity - it does exactly what it says on the tube.  Ceralip is not gimmicky, nor is it a fashionable or trendy item, but it does it's job to complete perfection.  
It is a thickish, opaque substance, similar in texture to the Lanolips, which I thought was the bees knees, but I have to stand corrected, this is the true bees knees!  All I have to say about this is that it leaves my lips moisturised throughout the entire day, it has rid my lips of dry patches, flakes, and allows me to leave a day between applications with no trouble!  This is a revelation to me - not since I was 15 have I had lips that were soft and supple, and didn't trouble me.
I highly, highly suggest that you make this a staple in your make-up bag whatever your lip needs!
Love A.x