I am an AVID reader of Caroline Hiron's blog (find it here), and more or less anything she says makes up my skincare bible - I just love the way she just makes sense.  From using flannels for washing faces (I have been doing this religiously since the age of 5 - waaaaaaaaaay ahead of the times!), to being careful with the use of active ingredients, and most lately, the introduction of extra moisture into the skin.  My skin is really quite oily, but at the same time, really very dehydrated, which makes sense as I am prone to eczema on my eyes and lips.  Serums are the way I deal with dehydration, often topped with a lovely concoction of moisturisers and/or oils to lock all the moist goodness in!

I first became aware of Hydraluron when I saw it on offer for £14.99 in Boots - I thought about buying it, but it was really a flitty kind of thought, here one second, and gone the next.  You see, I hadn't really started to understand my skin as dehydrated, so I left it.  I had, however, heard of the wonder ingredient - Hyaluronic Acid - from my time at the Medical Spa, where people would have what is known as a surgical face lift, involving about a gazillion injections under the skin of the face with a substance which included Hyaluronic Acid.  Able to hold 1000 times its own weight in water, it serves to act as a humectant, and binds water to the cells deep within your skin, plumping and freshening the complexion!  Fast forward around three months, and after seeing numerous reviews and press releases, I bit the bullet, and Hydraluron is mine!

How am I faring? Well, pretty well actually: my skin is definitely moving into the hydrated category from it's eternal dehydrated state, and with the icy winter setting in, it proves less of a joy to use, and more of an essential.  Texture-wise, this is thicker than many other serums I have, but quite literally turns into water on the skin - I experience a tightening of my face, which obviously shows that this serum is not intended for solo use, but needs it's own moisturiser partner!  This has become a necessity in my routine - the only gripe?  The tube is tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny, I'll be needing more soon!
Love A.x