Now, you've seen my list of foundations for the currently series, and today I am bringing you the best concealer I have ever come across: the Vichy Dermablend Ultra Corrective Cream Stick in Sand.  Now this is the ULTIMATE concealer - in fact, it's a stick foundation, but I find that the high pigmentation levels in this, and it's creamy texture lead directly to it being a perfect concealer contender.  

I apply this little stick of magic onto any blemishes or any discolouration, blend and stipple until my skin is almost perfection, then apply a very light film of foundation over the top.  The Vichy is ultra creamy and emollient, but really adheres to the skin, and as such, lasts all day.  I can find no faults with this product, the colour range could be more extensive BUT I think most people could find a colour to work for them, especially if using it as a concealer as I do.
Love A.x