So I stumbled into a wonderland the other day - a store called B&M Stores, where I was faced with literally every product known to man: from crisps to mirrors, to babies to, to beauty, and I picked up this little gem of a find.  Another Hyaluronic Acid product.  If you  have read my previous post (which will hereby be referred to as Hydration Diaries 1), you will know that I've introduced a burst of deep-seated hydration into my routine via Hydraluron.  When I came upon the Balance Active serum, I grabbed it, and relished the thought of EVEN MORE moisture being brought into my skin.

The Balance Active is a serum that is hugely different from the Hydraluron: it comes in a little plastic bottle with a pipette from dispensing purposes, and is a slightly yellowish colour, and super, super thin, to the point that it resembles water, and feels like water on the skin.  I pipette out a few drops, rub it between my hands, and pat onto the skin.  It takes around 30 seconds to sink in, and leaves the skin soothed but not moisturised on the surface.
Of course, being a serum - and a watery serum at that - this needs to be followed with another dose of surface moisture, and me being the amateur alchemist that I am, I love mixing up different concoctions of facial moisture, depending  on the needs of my skin each day.  I tend to use this both in the morning and at night time as the basis and first layer of my skincare.  In terms of morning skincare I usually layer this, then my Vichy Idealia, then a moisturiser mixed with SPF.  For night time, this goes on first, Hydraluron on top, then a cornucopia of serums (generally Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, REN's ClearCalm 3 Replenishing Night Serum, or the Superdrug Oil Balancing Serum), and lastly, an intense moisturiser or oil (frequent choices here being Weleda Wild Rose Cream, the Lavera Liposome Intensive Cream or the Antipodes Avocado Oil and Rosehip).  The combination of all these truly wonderful potion leads to more balanced skin throughout the day, and soft, supple skin on awaking!  Beauty sleep at it's best!
Love A.x