This is my newest blog sale find, and I have got to say, it might actually be one of the most useful things I have bought in a while!  
This ELF Quad offers a bronzer, a highlighter, and two pink (fave colour) blushers - one powder matte pink, and one slightly deeper, with shimmer.  

This contains everything I need - bar base - to sort out my complexion.  The bronzer is perfect for contouring, leaning slightly cooler than it looks in pan, the highlighter is a champagne with iridescence to it, which is beautiful as a glow-enhancer on top of cheekbones, and the two pinks are just perfect for me to add a very, very pretty flush to my cheeks. 
This is just the most perfect kit that I've had in a long time - better than the Nars Blush/Bronze trio that I had - only problem is I've no idea where to purchase another one from?!
Love A.x