I have previously mentioned this foundation in a few Face of the Day posts, and in a foundation post that I did a little while ago, but I have now decided to give it a page of its own!  Maybelline Fit Me foundation is one that I quite literally stumbled across in Superdrug one day, and it sang out to me to buy it.  I used it at home a couple of times, and wasn't too convinced on coverage and texture, but more recently I have been loving it.  
First of all, the way that you choose the foundation is really helpful - the stands all have a little kind of flow chart that asks you undertone (pink/yellow), depth of skin tone (light, medium, dark), and then suggests a few colours within that category for you to try, and lists the matching concealer and powder as well.  I fall within yellow, medium, and my perfect match was 220, which I am really pleased with.  I purchased the foundation, and the powder, and was on my merry way.  As I said, I was not blown away by this foundation at first - my skin was not in its usual state, and was looking pretty bad, so I don't actually blame the foundation, but myself for trying to use the wrong foundation for purpose.  I did however, start to mix it in with my Double Wear to add some radiance to my skin, as sometimes double wear makes it look dull, and loved the results.  The last 3 weeks my skin is looking pretty good thanks to a change up for winter skincare, and I have been alternating this foundation into my routine.  How does it fare on its own?  It is gorgeous.  The coverage is medium, the texture is light and airy, looks equally good whether you use fingers or brushes, and really adds a partial glow to the skin.  I say a partial glow because it still provides a demi-matte finish, but something about the formula does make the skin seem naturally radiant, with a seamless finish.  
The colour is beautiful on me, yellow enough to enhance my natural skin colour, but no so as to make me appear sallow, which can happen to my yellow face (cue dad asking "why is your face yellow?).  The foundation lasts about 5 hours on my oily skin without need for touch ups, but powdering is needed throughout he day, which I think is acceptable for a not completely matte foundation.  I was, however, not a fan of the powder that goes with it - whilst the foundation is a beautiful match for me, the powder left me looking ashy and pinker than I would have anticipated, and it didn't seem to have any oil-control properties.  I am now intrigued to try the concealer - maybe I'll pick it up at some point!
All in all a beautiful foundation, not such a good powder, and a need to try the concealer!
Love A.x