I bought these little beauties a while ago, and just haven't gotten around to doing a write up on them yet, so that brings us to today, and to this write up!  Firstly let me tell you that I bought one, and then another day I bought another.  What can we deduce from this?  Perhaps I like them?  Perhaps indeed.  I picked up Cherish on the hunt for an autumn lip colour - I've been trying to move out of my nude and baby-pink lip comfort zone and trying to wear as many different colours as I can on as many different days.  This Cherish colour had caught my eyes a few million times as I strolled along the aisles of Boots and Superdrug, so on this particular day I just decided what the hey, and went for it.  Cherish is a dark colour, somewhere between a dark pink, red and purple, so I think we'll just call it a berry shade.  On the lips it gives more of a stain than an obvious colour, and is incredibly comfortable in texture, almost balm-like.
So, after decided I liked Crush, I went on to purchase Honey as a more day-to-day, everyday, anytime of the day kind of colour.  And yes, it has proved to be all those.  A nude with a hint of pink, I would think it to be flattering on all skin tones, and with most hair and make up colours.
The balms are housed in a chubby pencil style case, with twist up bottoms, so none of that "fat pencil got squashed in the sharpener" type of thing, which makes them incredibly convenient, as does the fact that they have secure lids, so you can literally chuck them into your bag for use throughout the day.
These pencils wear amazingly well throughout the day, moving from full-colour, to a little bit lived-in, all the way down to just a stain.  The stain at the end of the day can prove a little bit odd in the way that they kind of all seem to fade to a dark red colour, which is a little bit weird, but liveable!
All in all, these are such useful, and convenient products!
Hope you liked,
Love A.x