When I was a little girl nothing and no one could get in the way of me and books.  I would read everywhere I went.  I would lug around book after book after book plus an extra book in case I finished said book!  These days, I still looooove reading, but it seems to get harder and harder to find the time to actually get down to some serious reading.  But this month I decided to do just that - make the time to really enjoy some books.  Of course my glorious Kindle makes this all the more easy.  Its not that I don't normally read, but this month I'm extra reading!  Life has been a little bit of a mixed bag lately, so I'm leaning towards more uplifting stories that I can (maybe) learn something from. 
The first book of this month was Eat,Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  Now, I have to say, when people found out what I was reading they did kind of turn their noses up at the book, and me, but I am going to be a bit "out there" and say that I thoroughly enjoyed it - I may have a Masters in English Literature but that does not make me a literary snob.   Eat,Pray, Love is a highly inspiring book that just helps you to realise that the world will do what it wants, and that you can actually survive what you feel to be the toughest times.  What I got from this book was a real sense of calm - I tend to be a bit frenetic, a bit frantic, and somewhat anxious, but surprisingly, I have found myself learning a lot about calm and peace from this book, as well as about life being a lot to do with being in the right place at the right time (although this does not mean don't work for something!).  Truly, this has taught me to worry a little less about what is or is not happening at a particular moment in my life: things probably will fall into place with a little hard work!

Second this month was a book I read in a day - The Life of Pi by Yann Martel.  I have to say, for some reason I have avoided this book for years - no idea why really, I just decided not to read it and kept up the habit.  Now, perusing the television as one does I saw the advert for the film and thought WOW.  Read it.  Now.  Some may say this is heresy, and no doubt it kind of it, but I read it, and am glad I did.  The book is weird.  Beautiful, but most definitely weird.  It has a surreal feel to it, none more so than at the end where my mind was wholly perplexed by what I had or hadn't read and whether the occurrences were real or not!  Confused.com to put it bluntly.  But sometimes, confusion is good for the mind - I've come to my own conclusion about the book and can't wait to see the film which looks just as beautiful and rich as the book itself.  The story is based around a family travelling from India who own a zoo, to Canada by boat to relocate.  The ship sinks, and therein starts our wonderful tale which includes a boy, hyena, gorilla and tiger on a lifeboat.  I won't mention any more plot details, because you need all the details to really get a grip on this narrative, so I suggest you read it for yourself.  Be warned though, it's not necessarily an easy read - it is fairly complex, so save it for a time when you can really concentrate!
Next up, I went for something a little lighter in feel - Sick Notes: True Stories from the GP's Surgery by Dr. Tony Copperfield.  I actually picked this book up as it was on offer in the Kindle Store, and I basically thought, Why not?!  This is quite a humorous little book, detailing how GP's deal with patients and so on and so forth.  What you also get from this book is how much red tape a GP has to go through to have anyone referred anywhere - basically it seems that we shouldn't blame them, but blame the PCT!  There are amusing little anecdotes, including how a lady brought Dr. Copperfield a present for looking after her mother who had recently died: the present was a sliced white loaf of bread!  Lovely, very interesting little read.
Fourth book this month was The Third Pig Detective Agency, a book that was recommended to me by Amazon after I had read The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde - a book that I thoroughly enjoyed, and would wholeheartedly recommend to you if you like a little bit of classic literature, mixed with a modern detective story and alternative interpretations.  It's a light-hearted read, with a little bit of suspense, perfect for when you don't really want to use your brain!
Those were my main reads in December - I do re-read books again and again when I feel the urge, and haven't included those in here.  Defos gonna try and read even more next month - tbh all these books were read in a 1 week period!
Hope you found something interesting here!
Love A.x