Hola Munchkins!
I'm sure we all have a littttttle bit of trouble looking awake and refreshed on a Monday morning.  Now, I have my skincare routine generally down to a fine art, buttttttttttttttttt my latest foundation purchase is ay-may-zeeeeeeeeeng at brightening the skin, whilst still mattifying it.  Genius.

Housed in a sleek matte black bottle, sturdy plastic, and opening like a verrrry, very fancy cigarette lighter!  Anyways, onto the actual foundation.  First of all, I have the colour 5 honey, which is slightly dark for me, so I am planning on purchasing the colour 4 gold.  Yes, you heard me right, I am going to have 2 of these beauties!  Why?  Well, first of all, this leans incredibly well toward my yellow complexion.  Secondly, it is incredibly lightweight in feel, but easily achieves a medium coverage that can be built up.  Thirdly, it's oil control properties are pretty darn brilliant, mattifying the face whilst also allowing a semi-matte finish as opposed to a hard matte one.  

For reference, the top swatch is without flash, and the bottom is with flash.  This gives a lovely second-skin look to the skin - I advise concealer to be used on any stubborn pigmentation / spots, and then you'll be flying with this gorgeous concoction!
Love A.x