Hola Munchkins!
Before Christmas I received a tube of toothpaste.  Toothpaste, you ask?  Well yesssssss - toothpaste.  But, a toothpaste with a difference.  Insofar as it's claims of whitening actually work.  I kid you not!  Whiteglo is an Australian brand originally created for those in the public eye - models, actors etc.  and is just bubbling under the surface of the UK Health and Beauty Industry.
First off, this contains all the ingredients you need for healthy teeth - important if you want to keep your teeth until you're old and wrinkly - so beauty is not sacrificed for health.  The Whiteglo website says:

This unique Double Strength whitening toothpaste combines state-of-the-art technology with an exclusive processing method to provide the ultimate whitening effect in a mouthwash base formula. With regular use, this product whitens tooth enamel, eliminates yellowing and offers maximum oral hygiene. As you brush, the built-in mouthwash disperses to hard to reach areas to help fight bacteria that cause bad breath. Suitable for use with an electric toothbrush.

  • Exclusive processing toothpaste with built-in mouthwash
  • Reduces bacterial that causes bad breath 
  • Extra strong whitening formula

This is quite literally a tube of amazingness.  I did try it with some scepticism, and my scepticism is well and truly blown out of the water: this stuff actually works.  After just one use (with my electric toothbrush) I noticed an immediate difference - my teeth were super clean, and slightly lighter.  After each use the whiteness continued to increase, not particularly drastically, but definitely enough to be noticeable.  The big test came when I tried to match my lower teeth to my upper ones, as I had previously had my top teeth professionally whitened, but not the bottom!  It was something that definitely niggled at me, but surprise of surprises, my teeth now match!
All in all, this is a really good toothpaste - the whitening benefits are clear, and the built-in mouthwash really keeps the old teeth and mouth super fresh, and I have already recommended it to friends and family (and my mum, dad, sister and brother have finished my first tube - now onto my second)!
Hope you liked this little post!
Love A.x
P.S. I know I use my electric toothbrush with this BUT it comes with a pretty amaze balls toothbrush and some dental picks!  Marvellous!