I thought I should start documenting my product usage - I use so many products that it would be nice to see what I use up, how quickly, and how good (or not so good) each product it. So, here goes this month's All Used Ups!
Elemis Tri-Enzyme Mask and Papaya Enzyme Peel - the Tri-Enzyme is one of my fave masks ever, kind of does everything, brightening, plumping, detoxing, all the while calming and soothing the skin, leaving it soft, cool and hydrated. I actually have a few more of these floating around that I will no doubt be using up. I have a feeling this will be my forever repurchased mask. The Papaya Enzyme is a more gentle, more hydrating version of the Tri-Enzyme - a perfect pick for sensitised skins!
Philip Kingsley Elasticizer - bought this specifically to repair the damage inflicted on my hair by my blonde months. This is a little bit of an odd product, I thought the results would be comparable to that of a hair mask, but it is entirely different in every way. Applied on wet hair, and left for at least 20 minutes, this doesn't give instant gratification - after shampooing and conditioning, I didn't see any instant results, but I persevered, and after a few treatments the condition of my hair really improved: it is definitely a more deep-rooted repair than a superficial surface type of repair. I actually already have another tube of this that I will continue to use and repurchase after.
L'oreal TXT is my choice of texturising spray for the lengths of my hair. It adds body and texture to the heavy lengths that make up my hair, and really "big" it up, with a small amount of hold, and no sticky or crispy texture. I'll probably have already bought another of these before this post goes up.
VO5 Plumping spray is my spray of choice for the roots of my hair, and is the best one I have found thus far. Adding body and volume, it helps to recreate a vaguely backcombed hairstyle, perfect for everyday, but that can be enhanced with some actual backcombing. Ditto to buying this before this post is published!
Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean - my absolute rock solid favourite cleanser that I can always depend upon. Perfect for taking off heavy make up, although I tend to use this as a second cleanse after a coconut-oil cleanse, this can also double up as a mask. It is brightening, softening and soothing, and is an in-a-heartbeat kind of repurchase.
Nivea Men Cool Kick Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Spray is my deodorant of choice.. I like the clean, slightly masculine scent of this, plus it performs brilliantly even in the hot weather and through my workouts. This has been repurchased numerous times, and will be repurchased again without a doubt.
What have you been using up recently?
Much love,
Ani x