I had a phase that lasted a while. A phase of getting the ends of my hair as blonde as possible. It worked, it took me a while but I definitely had an extreme ombre going on, with super-blonde tips. But alas, as all stories go, when you get to what you want, it is never quite as good as you envision. Whilst it looked beautiful when freshly straightened, at all other points of my life, the blonde was rough, coarse, crispy and fragile. I am proud of my super-strong hair, so this was quite the bizarre development for me, and in the midst of trying to sleeken it, I bit the bullet and did an all-over black hair dye, which rescued the hair a little. In the quest for my hair of old (which is almost back to tip top condition) I have discovered some real hair gems that have taken me from someone who used to let my hair solve its own problems - it did this very well - to someone who now takes the time to nourish and strengthen it.
Whilst at the hairdresser, she suggested that I look for something to re-elasticise my hair - it really was at the point where all the elasticity had gone from it, not that it was brittle, but you could really feel it just didn't want to stretch and behave in the way hair normally wanted to. A light bulb moment occurred in my head, and I ordered myself two little tester tubes of Philip Kingsley's Elasticiser.  I have to say that this is probably what has restored my hair back to its former glory. A thick cream, almost like an intensive conditioner, you just pop this on wet hair for around 20 minutes - I leave it longer if I have the time - and wash out. At first, I have to say I was a little disappointed with the results, but I persevered, and after finishing one of the little tubes - around 6 treatments - I have to say my hair is strengthened, and has that lovely elasticity that I was craving, back. This is a miracle product, but not an instant one - you need to keep going with it in order that all the goodness can keep restoring your hair.
Next up, a lovely hair mas from Pantene - this is the 2 minute rejuvenation masque, which is a "deeply nutritive anti-ageing system." I have to say this is one of those masques that you feel and see the results on the first try - it behaves just like a conditioner, and works in the stated 2 minutes, to soften and smooth the hair.  
The last two products are Argan Oil products that I actually picked up in Poundland after seeing them elsewhere. The Hydrating Hair Mask is super thick, and super lovely! This is now my hair mask of choice - it works in a few minutes, but also makes a lovely deep conditioning treatment whilst I sit in the bath and read a book. This seems to add to the hair's shine, resilience and general texture.  I then finish off with the Argan Oil Hair Treatment, which is a thick, gloopy oil, that I massage through the ends of my hair before drying or leaving to dry. I really feel that this particular oil (unlike the L'oreal oils I have previously used) really works deep down in the hair, and doesn't just sit superficially on the surface, really adding to overall hair health and hydration.
And that is all for my hair rescue post, but each product I would recommend a million times over.
Much love,
Ani x