The quest for the perfect nude lipstick is a lifetime's work. One day you think you have it, then your skin changes ever-so-slightly, and the whole "nude" issue is thrown off-balance. In my quest, I have loved a Maybelline, a Rimmel and a Mac, but today's perfect nude - that has been perfect for around 6 months now - is a L'oreal offering. A Cheryl offering if you will.
I tend to lean towards pink-toned nude - this one is a lot more neutral with hints of peach: somehow this makes for a wonderful true nude lip - like these are my lips, but they are beautifully shiny and soft. The texture is moisturising and ever-so-slightly sheer. A perfect one for applying without a mirror - also perfect for just lifting the face, and completing more or less any make up look.
What are your perfect nude lipstick shades?
Much love,
Ani x