I think bluetits are the birds on my make-up bag.  Not really sure though.  I suppose it's one to ponder.
Below we have my opened make-up bag, Shock!
This is the mess that occurs when I tip out the contents:
Ok so getting to the actual products, we have a teeny Mac sample pot, contents of said pot are Mac Matchmaster 4.0 foundation, which I carry around for 'just-in-cases'.  To be honest, I think what this point will prove is that almost everything in my travel bag is a just-in-case!  The other bigger pot is a moussey-type blush thingy from Inglot, in either shade 80 or 87.  Let me check.  Ah its 80.  Basically this is a brilliant multitasker for a just-in-case moment, it can also be used as a lip colour, and if you like the pink-eye look, as an eyeshadow.  The colour is gorgeous, kind of dusky pink, kind of powdery pink, really brightens up the skin, and is perfect if you need to top up your make up.  To be honest, I haven't been hugely impressed with Inglot's offerings - they always match me too dark and too orange, and I always feel pressured to purchase straight away, so recently an Inglot Foundation and Powder have been sold on eBay!  Also, the blush comes in liquid form too, in a cute little glass bottle, I had both in this shade, but found this moussey thing to work much better, and last longer on the skin.
This next little photo seems to be eyes and hair.  So of course there are hair grips and a hair tie.  Then, and I truly have no idea why, but some eyelash glue? Umm I hate false eyelashes with a passion, I feel like there's something on my eye (of course there is, a false eyelash!), and cannot stand it!  So who knows why on earth there is eyelash glue.  Might just chuck it out.  The last thing in this picture is the Avon Supershock eyeliner, which I love - I have one in this travelly bag and one with my actual make ups!  It is very black, long-lasting and smudgey!  I love smudgey eyeliner for my top lid, so it is perfect for me!  Also, it has lasted a freakishly long time, over a year - I know, my hygiene probably sucks - and still has a good three-quarters of the original size left.
Lipglosses next: first off, Nars Turkish Delight - bought this when there was a beauty offer on ASOS, and at first, I really wasn't impressed (I'm sure you all know the Kimmy K hype surrounding it), but after a couple of goes, I realised the secret to turning this pasty gloop in a milky baby baby baby pink gloss is giving your lips a good couple of smacks together to really work the product!  The second gloss is my absolute favourite gloss ever, but is sadly discontinued so I'm always on eBay looking out for it: the gloss in question is No7 Liplicious in Candyfloss.  Ultimate lipgloss perfection - hugely shiny, lots of fine shimmer, thick and therefore long lasting.  Probably my 8th tube of this stuff (p.s. just because I've now shared it with you, doesn't mean you can jump on all the eBay stock!).  The last gloss is a very new addition, and the story starts with me popping into The Body shop to buy my lip scuff that I had used up (love Lush much more than Body Shop, but Body Shop lip scuff is the best), and they had a buy one get one half price offer on most things, so I picked up this bronzey coloured gloss, and it's quite lovely really.
Lipsticks! I have loads of lipsticks, and have actually cheated in this picture. Why, I hear you ask?  Well I had 2 other nudes in here, but they were basically the same colour as lippy2so I took them out of here so as not to appear a mad woman. Blush. Ok, so lippy1 is a newbie - a Fashionista Lippy in 05 Buff, which is a gorgeous nude that leans slightly dusky-pink, or mauvey.  It sounds weird, but it is gorgeous, and the packaging is shiny red, and thin and sleek, so nice for carrying around, and it smells gorgeously sweet.  Lippy2is something I chanced upon when Maybelline were doing a 3for2 (haha when are they not doing a 3for2?!), and is the Maybelline Moisture Extreme lippy in Luminous Beige 742.  This is the ultimate nude lippy for me - it is moisturising, so can be slicked on at anytime without lip prep (my lips are always dry), is sheer, but easily buildable, and nice when you fancy a bit of a naturally glossy lip.  Lippy3is a Mac Limited Edition from the Villains collection, and is called Sinister, part of the Snow White evil queen collection.  It is a lustre finish, so fairly sheer but buildable, and looks quite scary in the tube - it appears as a darkish browny-plum shot through with pink glitter, but on the lips it is a kind of 'just-bitten-my-lips-and-they-turned-browny' kind of shade.  I find I feel more grown up with this on than with my usual baby pinks and nudes, and find that this can sometimes add that little extra finesse and polish to a made-up face.  The last lippy is on of the few Mac lippies that remain after my Mac lippy cull (along with the Villains lipstick, and Viva Glam Gaga1) - and maybe my ultimate fave!  It is Snob. Looks fairly bright in the tube, but on the lips turns out to be a muted dusky violetty-pink.  I love this applied heavily for more of a statement lip, or if I'm in a soft, girly mood, I apply a layer, and work it in with my finger, and it is beauuuuuutifull. 
I am uhb-sessed with lip care!  I try not to use anything with petroleum in as I find it just makes my lips greedy and thirsty!  The battered first lip balm is the original and best Burt's Bees Lip Balm - truly is the best, almost run out, so I went to repurchase it and ended up with the second lip balm in the picture.  Burt's Bee's Lip Balm in the mango flavour.  As a relatively sane person, I thought it would be exactly the same as my beloved original formula Burt's Bees, but with the addition of mango smell!  I was wrong - its not nice and thick and waxy like the original, it's a bit thin and I don't like it!  Well I don't mind it, but still.  Number three of the lip balms is Nivea Milk and Honey which smells divine and makes me feel like Cleopatra! Its fairly moisturising, and is marketed as using natural ingredient, so one hopes it does some good!
These are the last little bits in my baggy - some fragrances.  The first two are Lush solid perfumes in Lust and Vanillary.  Lust is very heady at first because of the jasmine, which was unnerving to me because I generally go for sweet scents, but after a while, I really loved it - it kind of mellows to be a bit more floral.  Vanillary is very vanillary, sweet and girlie, and I just love it - I feel like a cupcake wearing it.  The little tiny bottle is a tiny rollerball of my Vera Wang Princess, which I didn't even realise came in my set and found it 4 years later - it is very girlie and lovely.
So there you have my travelly make up bag and its contents! 
I hope maybe something caught your eye or intrigued you!
Love A.x