So, today's little bloggy is going to be about a little beauty I discovered a couple of months ago: the Sigma F82 Round Top Kabuki Brush!  This is one of the ultimate loves of my life!  So soft, so beautifully made, does exactly what it should and more!  Absolute perfection

Up until I started reading about the Sigma X range on many different blogs (I think it was on http://www.viviannadoesmakeup.com/ one of my favourite blogs that I read about it first), I had been firstly using my Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush.  Bobbi Brown brushes are of fantastic quality, as such the core of my brush collection is a Bobbi Brown Set (I will do a post on these at a later date).  So the brush I was using, the Bobbi Brown Foundation brush, did the job perfectly well, but as a flat, traditional foundation brush, I had been noticing that it would sometimes leave lines around my face, from the dragging of the brush, and, it would sometimes look as if my foundation was sitting on top of my skin.  So I then plumped for the Elf Studio Stipple Brush, in the hope that I could buff in my foundation.  I remember receiving it, and the first time I used it thinking "Woah this brush is the best!"  Boy was I wrong, I had no idea what was to come in the future.  

If I had to compare finding the F82 to something I would compare this 'finding out about brushes' experience to mobile phones.  When I had my beloved Nokia 7373 in pink, I though wow this is one cool phone, then I used it to death and had to begrudgingly buy a new one.  Settling on the Samsung Tocco Lite in Pink I thought wow how cool am I with this touch phone, until that one died too.  Then came my BB Storm 2, touch screen, Internet, BB capabilities! AMAZE-BALLS.  Until my current BB Torch - the Sigma F82 of Phones!  I know I went slightly off track there, but I really wanted to share with you the splendour of this brush!

So what is so amaze-balls about this brush?

Soft and Dense.
I think that literally sums it up.  So soft, and so dense.  I first of all use my fingers to almost prime my skin with a small amount of foundation, then place dots - although I suppose in my case they are more like lines - of foundation onto my face and use the F82 to buff buff buff away at the foundation.  Any spots needing extra coverage, receive a touch more foundation, and a stippling with this brush.

I don't really know what else to say about this brush apart from I should probably clean it more often! I don't quite remember where I bought it from, but it came to about £16ish pounds.  Also, any girlies out there with the SigmaX set, would you recommend having them all? Or is one more than enough?

Hope this was helpful!
Love A.x